Nibco 4703 CPVC Female Adapter - S x Female


Nibco 4703 CPVC Female Adapter - S x Female

$ 1.23


  • Maximum service temperature 180å¡F, Not for use with compressed air or other gases
  • ASTM, ASTM D, NSF U.P. Certified, NSF/ANSI
  • FlowgGuard Gold Fittings

FlowGuard Gold© chlorinated polyvinyl chloride CPVC CTS fittings are used for hot and cold water pressure distribution systems in residential and commercial applications. CPVC has physical properties at 73å¡ F similar to those of PVC, and its chemical resistance is similar to or better than that of PVC. CPVC will not rust, pit or scale. It can withstand low pH water, coastal salt air exposure and corrosive soils. In addition, CPVC is not subject to electrolysis, so underground burial has no effect on performance. Conforms to ASTM Standards D 2846 for material, performance and geometric requirements. These fittings are joined by threading or solvent cementing and can easily be connected to steel or copper through the use of transition fittings.

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